Oct 9, 2022 • 1HR 3M

"I feel like I've had an injection of color into my soul." – Kerry Newsome (What About Vietnam)

Citizen44 with Mark Arinsberg / Episode#110 / Kerry Newsome

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A native of Southern California now living in Saigon, Vietnam, Mark brings his unique world view and razor-sharp sense of humor to the virtual air waves while presenting real people and their stories. His podcast is engaging, honest and often inspiring. Mark is also here to explore ways to eliminate the avoidable suffering and discomfort associated with living amongst seven billion ill prepared people faced with inescapable death.

Kerry Newsome from Australia, is a fellow lover of Vietnam and all it has to offer, who serendipitously started her Vietnam centric podcast What About Vietnam during the first wave of Covid as a way to pull herself out of the depression around the fallout from Covid and potentially needing to give up on her previously thriving career in travel and tourism. It was great to chat candidly with someone who shares a special passion and overflowing positive energy around a fantastic place that offers so much starting with the specialness of the people, culture and limitless opportunity.


Also on the show is my adorable Vietnamese girlfriend, Lien Anh talking about her time away in Saigon, changing her mind about the benefits of a vegan diet especially around healing illness and how she’s been working closely with a man with terminal liver cancer after the medical profession gave up and sent him home to die.


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