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"I'm actually surprised. I never thought I would like Vietnamese music." – Joseph Forika

Citizen44 with Mark Arinsberg / Episode#111 / Joseph Forika

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A native of Southern California now living in Saigon, Vietnam, Mark brings his unique world view and razor-sharp sense of humor to the virtual air waves while presenting real people and their stories. His podcast is engaging, honest and often inspiring. Mark is also here to explore ways to eliminate the avoidable suffering and discomfort associated with living amongst seven billion ill prepared people faced with inescapable death.


It’s a fascinating thing when things line up as magically as they do which is more often than not for me specifically. My design graphic design business was petering out in the face of change that was being driven by DIY and recent design grads who worked for lower fees. So, I decided to see what I could see and found an ad for a taxi driver on CraigsList. Joe asked me to meet him out in front of the Starbucks on the corner of Pioneer and North Main. I lived above Main Street and could sprint to Starbucks in less than three minutes. A black, late model Lincoln Town Car was double parked with the window down. Joe asked me to get in. I drove taxis for Joe over the period of about eighteen months before I took a seven month trip to Thailand in 2016. Driving a taxi was one of the most incredible experiences in my life. Thanks Joe!

Also on the show is my father Norm, my daughter Zoë and Rich Rees, former C44 Show producer and friend and his dog Little Jake.

*While living in San Francisco from 1995 to 2002, it became a dream of mine to retire right there in the city by the Bay and drive a taxi into my old age. Close!

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